AltDentifier Befehle

Tipp: Verwenden Sie ;help [command] im Bot, um mehr Informationen über einen Befehl zu erhalten!


Shows this very command!

Donate towards AltDentifier's developmentAliases: patreon, premium

Search for configuration issuesAliases: diagnose


Get the bots invite link

Show the profile information of a member

Bot statistics and information

Show info about yourself or others
Aliases: whois

Dev-Only command for finding servers with high bot-user ratio

Honestly every bot just needs this

Dev-Only command for gifting premium


;ban [member]
Bans a member

;mute [member]
Mutes a member

;reason [reason]
Sets a mod-log reason
Aliases: r

;unmute [member]
Unmutes a member

;kick [member]
Kicks a member


Manually make a member verify themselves
Aliases: verify

;bypass [member]
Let a user skip verification

Enables anti-raid mode, which automatically does an authentication attempt on all new users