update when?

Author: Auxim

Hello friends!

I'll have to admit it's been a long time since I've posted any updates on AltDentifier or even posted on this blog. I'm sorry about this, I really want to dedicate more time to AltDentifier and my projects, and at this time I'm not really able to fulfill the demand people are expecting of me.
That said, I haven't been completely absent, and I've still been working on updates silently on AltDentifier, and I think that the features I will be introducing in 5.1 will greatly benefit some of the more "pro" users of our service. That said, without further rambling, let's get into the new features this update brings!

Let's start with one of the features I've seen requested multiple times and something we haven't offered in comparison to other moderator bots.
Starting with this new update, you are able to choose a channel for each logging event we support. To do this, visit our dashboard and select the Advanced Mode on our logging tab!
We're also introducing a really powerful feature called Alert Rules. Using these Alert Rules, you can have custom messages sent to your server for multiple actions performed by AltDentifier, like verification starting, being passed, being failed, being ignored or users using a different account than the one expected. Users can fully customize these messages, including adding mentions, so they can be alerted of stuff they want to be aware off.

With Alerts, we're also kicking off our official API. Programmers will be able to write their own extensions to AltDentifier, as they can opt in to receive the alerts above as webhooks.
I'm hoping this feature will be of great use to our more technical users as they will be able to use their unique setups with AltDentifier and define the new member experience exactly as they want it to be.
Of course, this doesn't mean non-programmers will be left in the dark. Using AltDentifier's API, these "extensions" can be publicized and released as "integrations" to AltDentifier, working in a similar way as adding bots to a Discord server. While integrations will be controlled by another party, server administrators can add and remove them at will. I'm excited for the future of the system, and hopefully, we'll have some cool and useful integrations to show off as people become familiar with the system.
I really think that people building integrations will be the future, just like how Discord bots have become an integral part of people using Discord, so, if you are making or made something cool, reach out to us. We're really interested in seeing your creations!
The documentation is available on https://docs.altdentifier.dev
If you need help, you can always contact us.

Of course, this update also includes some smaller improvements and bug fixes, but I really wanted to put the focus on these two features, and I'm always interested in your feedback and suggestions.

AltDentifier 5.1 is scheduled to go live around 8AM GMT.

I hope you will enjoy this update as much as I've enjoyed building it. Thank you for using AltDentifier and sticking with us, it's been some amazing years building AltDentifier, and I'm confident there will be even greater years in the future.

Thank you for everything!