update 5.1 changelog

Author: Auxim

This is the changelog to the 5.1 update

- Added the ability to select a channel per logging type.
- Added Alert Rules, a system that allows you to have custom messages sent to a channel of your choosing when verification is started, passed, failed, ignored or if the user is using a different account
- Added a Webhook API allowing you to fully create your own functionality for every event in Alert Rules
- You can create public clients for the webhook API allowing developers to create their own expansions for AltDentifier.
- Changed the format for the /verify URL, improving security and making the URL shorter
- Running ;verify or leaving and re-joining a server while you are being verified will make AltDentifier re-send the link to your DM
- An error will be sent if you do not have a bot or warning channel when you use ;force or ;verify.
- The verification process will not run when AltDentifier detects that some members may have no verification methods available to them due to incorrect configuration
- Fixed a bug where invite tracker would sometimes report invites with 0 uses as being the one used to join the server
- Fixed a bug where a verification flag would be set for a user even when verification would not run successfully
- YouTube channels can now be banned using channel ID's