update 4.2 changelog

Author: Auxim

Hello friends!

Later today, the 4.2 Update will release and be available to all our users. Below is a changelog of new features and changes in this update

• Complete refactor of translation system, making files easier to read for humans. In addition, translations have been added where they haven't been before, such as ;help, and a large portion of the website, and most translations have been rewritten.
• Portuguese, Brazillian Portuguese and French have been removed from the website. French and Brazillian Portuguese are expected to return in the near future! No languages have been removed from the bot!
• The Turkish language will be available in both our bot and website!
• Timeout Time for verification can now be changed within a range from 10 to 45 minutes. 10 will stay the default.
• Users can now use ;force to verify themselves. You can enable or disable this on the web dashboard. This feature is disabled by default.
• Reverse Default Role has been replaced with an In Verification Role. Users who have Reverse enabled, can still use this for now, but we strongly urge users to set the In Verification
Role, and setting their Default Role to none!
• You can now unlock Premium Basic by Nitro Boosting our support server, Auxim's Place! You will keep your perks for as long as you keep your boost active! You can get the link by clicking "Get Support"!
• A bug was resolved that could cause the bot to apply the Timeout Action to users who verified multiple times in a short time.
• Dropdown selectors on the website have been changed to always be in chronological order, instead of having the selected option always appear at the top!
• The Save Settings button has been highlighted in green to increase visibility.
• A bug has been resolved that caused background images to be partially hidden when using the dark theme.
• A bug has been resolved that caused Premium subscribers to not be able to change their server settings.
• A lot of smaller fixes and stuff that I forgot to notice

That's all folks!