the translation update

Author: Auxim

Hello friends and AltDentifier users,

Yesterday I released the 4.2 update, or the update that I would call the "Translation Update". This update has brought a lot of under the hood changes, which I felt necessary to make to ensure that we are able to provide better and more consistent translations in the future. This has resulted in the cut of some languages, but in time, I feel that most of these languages will make their quick return, and I already know that Brazilian Portuguese and French will be returning to the website pretty soon. Still, this update makes managing translators and translations itself much easier, and allows almost every piece of text in AltDentifier to be translated, for a more complete experience in every language we support!
If you are interested in translating for AltDentifier, get in touch and I'll help you get set up.

Apart from just the translation stuff, we did bring some new features, some of which were heavily requested, like being able to change the timeout time, however I mainly implemented smaller features. I'm planning some huge stuff for the 4.3 update, including a focus on moderation aspects, such as mod-logs, mutes etc. While I don't intend to go completely towards multi-purpose bots, I feel that expansion into moderation stuff is the next logical step for me to take, in part as I wish to be less reliant on other bots for our own moderation.

However, I do feel I must apologise, because the update I gave you guys yesterday, did have quite a lot of bugs left in it. I have fixed these bugs now, but I'm not really happy with how I released this update, because I have been too hasty with releasing this update, instead waiting mostly on people to complete their translations, making me very bored and wanting to push the update even sooner, so that I could start working on the fun features that I want to make in 4.3. It's something I will try to learn from, and I promise to spend more time testing the update, to ensure that new features work as expected, and current stuff doesn't suddenly break, as has happened when this update was released yesterday.

But I don't want to end on a sad note, instead, let us celebrate how far AltDentifier has come, with growth better than ever, then 10K server milestone is already appearing on the horizon, and with it, I am planning to do a big giveaway of Premium stuff, and perhaps some other goodies as well.

Lastly, I do want to make a quick mention that Nitro Boosting is now available, and boosting our support server will give you access to our Basic Premium plan (and a swanky role) for free. If you have a Nitro subscription, like AltDentifier and haven't found the right server yet to give your blessing, do consider giving us a boost. It's a great way to give a little back if you'd like to support us and can't/don't want to use Patreon.