the state of altdentifier: july and august

Author: Auxim

Hi friends, this post has been almost 2 months overdue, but better to be late than never is what they say.

I've been working away on AltDentifier 5.0, which features an improved, simplified codebase. With these changes, AltDentifier will have less points of failure where bugs can occur, as stuff has been cleaned up hugely, with easier database access and better communication between the bot and website. Moving away from HTTP based requests for communication allows us to use a pubsub model, making it easier to cluster AltDentifier and even use multiple servers to run the bot, should we wish. This provides better scalability going forward, meaning more servers can use a faster, better AltDentifier.

While this update may not contain a lot of new and exciting features, the features we do have have been polished to be on their best behaviour and provide more consistent results. This means the bot should work as it should, unlike times where weird stuff can happen due to the previous complexity of the bot. Simplifying the code means less places where errors can occur. Our continuous growth is super awesome, and since yesterday AltDentifier is used in over 13K servers, and we're still growing with over 200 servers per day. I'm really happy, and I have tons of exciting plans for future updates.

I will be taking a small hiatus from AltDentifier however after 5.0 is released, to give some attention to my other bots, such as Nitrole, and improving those with AltDentifier's updated custom core. Most likely I will be open-sourcing some components of this core, so be on the lookout on our GitHub page!

Have a great one!