the new blog system

Author: Auxim

Hello friends, and welcome to the AltDentifier Blog.

You may thought I have done nothing at all over the holidays, however, this is not completely true. While I had some time at the hotel I've been able to write a completely new blog system, which will be used for announcements and change-logs going forwards. Obviously, links to the blog will be posted in our server as well.

With this blog system, I'll be able to make announcements to members not in our server a lot better as well. This is why I'll also be announcing the deprecation of update broadcasting as well, as our growing size will make it harder to maintain such a system. Be on the lookout for new updates soon as well, as I'll be resuming work on AltDentifier and other bots in the near future!
You can expect announcements and change-logs to be posted on this site, as well as in the server, which have also been changed into news channels (RIP 25$).

I hope you all have a good day!