new update!!11!11!!!1

Author: Auxim

After the DDoS attack yesterday, and our bot being down for it, I decided that it would be a good moment to launch the bot with the new update. So what is it we're actually introducing?

Some really cool stuff is what we're introducing. First off, I'd like to introduce everyone to ChatGuard, a new feature intended to help moderate your Discord servers in cooperation with our friends from KSoft.SI
Unlike many bots, which have auto-moderative features like bad words, ChatGuard is based around Artificial Intelligence. This allows ChatGuard to detect toxic behaviour, sexually abusive behaviour and identity attacks. With ChatGuard, you can set automatic punishments for when people break these rules, ranging from warnings, to mutes, to bans. ChatGuard is also a learning system, meaning it will improve over time. It will also be able to associate toxicity with users, which in the future will allow us to detect toxic actors, before they have a chance to strike in your server. (After analyzation, message data is discarded. Your messages will not be saved permanently).

Due to the privacy implications involved however, there will be some requirements before you can activate ChatGuard on your server, most notably, our bot will need to place a message, visible in a channel to everyone, informing them that ChatGuard is active, and that messages are being processed by ChatGuard to provide this functionality. You can read more in our Terms of Service, which is updated with a new provision for ChatGuard.

Secondly, I have introduced two common requests.
The first one being Access Control, which will supplement the previous Access Roles. Using Access Control, you can configure AltDentifier's commands in a more granular fashion, allowing you to disable commands, automatically delete the invocation (the user typing the command), the output (AltDentifier's response to the command), make commands available only to Staff and to whitelist and/or blacklist it to certain roles and channels, allowing you to further customize the bot.

Secondly, a minor, but still important feature, is the introduction of a new alert when the user is using a VPN. While there has always been an alert, for servers with VPN access disabled, no message is given. The user is simply blocked from continuining. Now when this happens, the server will also be informed that someone tried to use a VPN.

We're not done yet, as we've also introduced some new languages, and improved some of the old ones. I want to thank Lucifer Morningstar for our new Italian translation, and supra & absinth for Polish. Of course, I would also like to thank the other people who have improved their translations.

So what's next?

Personally, I don't think I want to focus too much on larger updates, especially since ChatGuard implementation itself was already a large undertaking. I want to focus in the future on a full rewrite and fixing a lot of the underlying issues with the current codebase. Of course, I will fix bugs as they are presented, and perhaps work on smaller features here and there.

Thanks for using my bot. One Love <3