altdentifier and ip's

Author: Auxim

Hi Everybody!

I just woke up like 20 minutes ago with a ton of pings and my attention was brought to this tweet:

I just want to clarify that AltDentifier doesn't store or grab IP addresses, and if we had to store them, we would always use a hashing function, which is a mathematical function that only goes one way. You can read more about how they work here We already use this hashing function to transform account ID's and usernames from the verification methods such as Steam for making sure users cannot use the same Steam account multiple times. We can never discover the original account ID or username from this value, and we don't need to, as we can simply take another hash of the identifier that logs in and compare those.

We've been using IP's to detect the usage of VPN's with IPHub for a long time, and I've personally inquired about their storage policies. In fact, I still have this e-mail from over a year ago:

Storing IP and using IP addresses in any other way is something we don't do, and in fact, have no reason for, as Discord already does this IP matching with banned accounts. When alts get in contact with AltDentifier, we are already past this stage completely. Comparing IP addresses ourselves would be completely worthless, not to mention how they are easily bypasses by using mobile data, or in some cases even resetting your router can assign you a completely new IP address.

I hope this alleviates any concerns you have. I'm available the whole day to answer any questions about how we handle data.