altdentifier 5.0 change-log

Author: Auxim

• Overhauled a large part of the codebase to make the code cleaner and reduce failure points
• Added clustering support to AltDentifier, allowing more efficient use of our hardware
• Timezone selection is now based on actual timezones, instead of a GMT offset.
• Implemented a lot of checks reducing unnecessary API requests
• Switched main database to a more robust and allows for an internal cache to be maintained!
• Overhauled Bot <-> Site communication to be asynchronous and faster
• AltDentifier GDPR Data Packages will now be sent by e-mail
• Redesigned Admin and Mod Role selection on the dashboard
• Audit-Log and Heartbeat will now update automatically after saving settings!
• Verification results are markdown escaped, avoiding strange behaviour caused by Discord formatting.
• Show ID's when users are verified
• Added support for Xbox Live login!
• More minor fixes and changes!